Wednesday 1 June 2011


Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on Bella. I've been at my dads for the weekend and I wasn't allowed to bring her =(
When I got back, She jumped all over me! She's been great as usual, but she's been doing her 'business' on the carpet lately. If anyone can think of any reason why she could be doing this, please comment.

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  1. LOL Bella sounds just like Lolly. Lolly kept peeing on anything that was soft at first. The rug... the doggy bed her Aunt gave her... Just keep guiding Bella to that pee pad whenever you think she'll need to go again. (Maybe every hour at first?) and eventually it will click with her that that's where she needs to go. :) Does Bella keep doing her business at the same spot on the carpet? If that's the case, you'll probably want to block it off for now so she doesn't get used to going there, and also clean that spot with an odor neutralizer. Even if you've cleaned the spot, if the odor is still there at all (and doggies can smell things so much better than we can!) she will try to do her business there again.