Wednesday 7 September 2011

Fast learner

This sounds weird but, I taught Bella how to get on the couch. Your probably thinking 'what?'. Let me explain, whenever I'm watching tv, Bella always watches it with me, on the couch but, there was a problem with that, she couldn't get up, so I had to lift her all the time, which got annoying, so I taught her how to jump up by herself. Now your probably thinking 'how did you do it?'. Well, I got 1 pillow and encouraged her to get on it, when she got good at that, I added another one and did the same thing over and over, until she was able to jump from the top pillow to the couch. Then I did exactly the same thing but backwards, when she got good at jumping from the pillows to the couch I took 1 pillow away, then, when she got good at that, I did the same thing. I know that your not supposed to have long training sessions with dogs, but we did this for about 1 hour and she didn't get bored, because it didn't seem like a training session, it was a game! My gorgeos pup can now get on and off the couch by herself! Oh, and she can stop a ball with her paws as well!

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