Friday 24 June 2011

A+ and D-

Bella has learnt sit after 2 10 minute sessions. YAY =D, A+. The D-, she's not fully toilet trained, and when I say shes not FULLY toilet trained, well, sometimes she does it on the pee pads, but other times she doesn't. I don't know what to do?

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  1. Aww, no worries, toilet training can take a while and that is completely normal! Lolly was the same way, sometimes she got it, sometimes she didn't. At this age their still learning to control their bladders - imagine a kid who has to go to the bathroom. If they can remember what they've learned and can hold it, they make it to the toilet. But sometimes they just can't hold it anymore and have accidents! That's probably all that is going on with Bella here. :) As she grows her bladder control will get better and the problems should happen less and less. If it helps, first thing in the morning when we took Lolly out of her crate, we rushed her straight over to the pee pad. Normally pups really need to go right after they wake up. We would say "Go pee pee" right as she started squatting and would REALLY praise her and give her treats when she went on the pad correctly. Lolly actually learned to pee on command because of that... LOL. Once you have that down you can just take Bella over to the pad every so often and just remind her to go there. Repetition and rewards will get you there!